The health and safety of staff and clients continues to be our top priority. In line with best practice recommendations we require all clients to have a patch test consultation to check for any sensitivities. Please complete the patch test consultation form to request an appointment.  We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Please complete the Health Declaration before your appointment
Are there any parking or driving restriction at your address?
Have you had a Covid vaccine in the last 2 weeks?
Have you ever had a reaction to adhesives or irritation from lash extensions in the past?

Thank you for completing this form

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Lashes London Covid Safety.jpg

If you or any member of your household feel unwell or show any signs of COVID-19 after submitting the form, please contact us to reschedule the appointment.

You will receive a credit voucher for any payment made so you can easily reschedule your appointment when it is safe to do so.

We always aim to make our treatments as safe, comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We’ve introduced new hygiene procedures and put extra safety measures in place to minimise potential risks. In line with the recommended government guidelines, you will need to submit a Covid health declaration before each appointment. We thank you for your co-operation and understanding in implementing these requirements.  The personal details collected will be held confidentially and in compliance with GDPR along with your normal consultation forms and in line with insurance requirements.


During the appointment, staff and clients will wear PPE and sanitise hands regularly. The equipment will be cleaned and sterilised between each treatment. We expect the space provided for treatment to be clean and clear of personal belongings, so touching of surfaces can be limited. We respectfully ask for no food and drink to be consumed during the appointment, minimal conversation and all other guidelines such as social distance of any other household members to be observed.  In order to avoid handling of cash, we ask for your treatment to be paid by PayPal, or in advance using the website or direct bank transfers.  We will be unable to provide blankets and soft pillows but clients can use their own.  Please allow an extra 10 minutes for these tasks.